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/a/ - Amateurs
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/a/ - Amateurs

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File: 1543484641784.jpeg (18.4 KB, 474x299, arvhived.jpeg)


This Board Was Archived the location of the archive is

File: 1543957647832.jpg (104.87 KB, 640x800, 1518328096264.jpg)


Who has Athena mega?
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File: 1549458077111.jpeg (834.53 KB, 2048x1536, 578407DB-733E-4624-AB70-8….jpeg)

Is this her?


Upload the megabagin plz




Post mega?


Reup mega ?

File: 1565547072242.png (24.18 KB, 1200x391, 1200px-01_mega_logo.svg.png)


Mega amateurs




What’s the url for the video tube for us to post on? Have a few of these girls.



reup pls, these got taken down way too fast

File: 1556850328486.png (462.63 KB, 720x1280, 1554653836800.png)


Anyone have her shower video?



File: 1565755740595.jpeg (11.52 KB, 240x320, emo95girl95n.jpeg)


Think there used to be a set, anybody have more/know where to find?

File: 1565743806411.jpg (825.63 KB, 1394x1940, Screenshot_20190813-204419.jpg)


Lets see her wins

File: 1548091343194-0.jpeg (35.94 KB, 575x960, DwaeKKqWkAA6IyB.jpeg)

File: 1548091343194-1.jpg (63.25 KB, 480x640, 1451167570176.jpg)

File: 1548091343194-2.jpg (37.24 KB, 480x640, 1520163380553.jpg)

File: 1548091343194-3.jpg (41.77 KB, 374x600, 1505573693101.jpg)


Little slut who's pics leaked, want more?
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any more is this it
would love to see her fully nude


File: 1549226845696-0.jpeg (212.84 KB, 1226x2048, Lia DwacXC5WwAAzmsB.jpeg)

File: 1549226845696-1.jpeg (287.91 KB, 1226x2048, Lia DwacXDBX0AAcTgC.jpeg)

File: 1549226845696-2.jpeg (20.86 KB, 479x800, Lia DwaeKKuWkAAZvc7.jpeg)

File: 1549226845696-3.jpeg (41.62 KB, 575x960, Lia DwaeKKhWkAEKQvN.jpeg)

File: 1549226845696-4.jpeg (55.09 KB, 720x960, Lia DwalwVnX0AUKcKM.jpeg)

File: 1549226845696-5.jpeg (64.3 KB, 720x960, Lia DwalwVrXcAA9ZRw.jpeg)

File: 1549226845697-6.jpeg (50.2 KB, 720x960, Lia DwalwV7X0AAD2b1.jpeg)

Pretty sure it's not her Twitter, but here are the ones I found that haven't been posted.


anymore? reminds me of my crush.


Very nice.


Name? Socs?

File: 1565522139539-0.jpeg (45.92 KB, 500x375, 38DA12F4-4B28-4C10-BA3C-D….jpeg)

File: 1565522139539-1.jpeg (200.49 KB, 1000x1333, 6AC8F9A6-4FD0-4AD9-8A97-F….jpeg)

File: 1565522139539-2.jpeg (280.35 KB, 1000x1346, 2BAD8B1C-FD37-4B72-B7B3-B….jpeg)


Loves to be exposed and shared

File: 1565229922036-0.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, 0E6D5373-A231-4711-9A3A-1D….png)

File: 1565229922036-1.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, 51BFF29B-840E-461F-AE34-28….png)

File: 1565229922037-2.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, 5F968F4C-A767-4E27-9538-05….png)

File: 1565229922037-3.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 09A4FEC4-A3FD-448D-B13D-96….png)


Post what you got

File: 1550613348544.jpg (393.39 KB, 1280x960, IMG_3877.JPG)


I am requesting post it note with name on it with the following names… Analiz , Darby , Ase , Fly Girl , Lina , Kristin , Samantha , In return I will post never before seen wins. If you could post the note with girl like handwriting and stick it on this girls hand . I will post some of the few hundred wins I got below and more when someone does a good job photoshopping those name to this girls hands.
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Drop box or mega. I’ll figure out a way to post note it


File: 1550699854010-0.png (240.01 KB, 492x498, Capture10.PNG)

File: 1550699854010-1.png (906.14 KB, 592x1039, Capture11.PNG)

File: 1550699854010-2.jpg (248.46 KB, 1536x2048, 41020297_675272942840507_8….jpg)

File: 1550699854010-3.jpg (54.34 KB, 750x1334, 41725322_2255073038061377_….jpg)

The videos? Do the post it note and I will post the videos…I have maybe 10 of them that I'm almost done editing myself out of …plus 3-4 other girl depending on how well the post it notes work


Drop the videos or more. You know you like sharing her!!


Show me show pics pf katlyn I havent seen amd I will do the note for you


How do you use that link..

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