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/gfw/ - Girlfriend / Wife
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/gfw/ - Girlfriend / Wife

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File: 1543485883992.jpeg (18.4 KB, 474x299, archived.jpeg)


This Board Was Archived the location of the archive is

File: 1565348475674-0.jpg (1.66 MB, 3024x3195, e7wcws07ez0j.jpg)

File: 1565348475674-1.jpg (1.16 MB, 2862x3558, 0qcu28jt4cmm.jpg)

File: 1565348475674-2.jpg (1003.19 KB, 2744x3241, iyw52q02hgr3.jpg)

File: 1565348475674-3.jpg (1.55 MB, 3024x3414, rmy0fqzdnqgp.jpg)

File: 1565348475674-4.jpg (336.25 KB, 1665x3271, oqo9fiazzttp.jpg)

File: 1565348475674-5.jpg (846.34 KB, 3024x4032, 7hva775m4jcq.jpg)


What do you think? Any requests?
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Creampie video


Show her face and what's get social media




File: 1566201341235.jpg (271.64 KB, 1256x1274, h929otb0wb4p.jpg)


Would you be able to creampie her twice

File: 1565391292459-0.jpg (214.03 KB, 1074x1789, _190809_185537_833~2.jpg)

File: 1565391292459-1.jpg (185.26 KB, 1067x1824, _190809_185610_566~2.jpg)


My fiance isnt perfect but she sure is a great fuck.


Let’s see some more of her


Bump to see more of her!

File: 1565542232350-0.jpeg (711.24 KB, 4032x3024, 52AFB2C9-88B1-4DC1-A6D5-9….jpeg)

File: 1565542232350-1.jpeg (1.45 MB, 4032x3024, 2CFACCEE-069C-4CA9-A8D7-E….jpeg)

File: 1565542232350-2.jpeg (881.92 KB, 3088x2320, 843149AE-D846-425D-9321-A….jpeg)

File: 1565542232350-3.jpeg (1.67 MB, 4032x3024, 535FF653-AC70-4096-A653-E….jpeg)

File: 1565542232350-4.jpeg (1.1 MB, 4032x3024, 9A22E134-0C70-4F9E-BD69-F….jpeg)


My wife what do you think of her and what would you do with her and to her
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What do you think of her


She’s sexy I wanna fuck her tits


She’s got huge tits with nice sexy nipples and areolas. She loves to suck dick and she swallows


That’s so hot got any videos???


File: 1565670451572-0.jpeg (1.81 MB, 4032x3024, 8E8BDBD6-20DC-43E6-8834-E….jpeg)

File: 1565670451572-1.jpeg (1.81 MB, 4032x3024, 1145FA08-E7AC-416F-A1F9-A….jpeg)

Here’s a couple pics. I couldn’t post the video

File: 1556899276795.jpg (1017.86 KB, 1728x2880, IMG_20160626_184914.jpg)


Let me know what you think
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File: 1565363150148.jpg (1.08 MB, 1728x2880, Blowjob2.jpg)

I'd love to cum all over that pretty face


File: 1565617077443.jpg (223.32 KB, 1458x1944, image000001_4-1.jpg)


File: 1565631556819-0.jpeg (567.14 KB, 760x1921, 6DC59180-1E13-43AC-AFE0-F….jpeg)

File: 1565631556819-1.jpeg (612.46 KB, 1068x1707, 506786AD-9C42-473C-8B97-8….jpeg)

Throw my wife in we'd have a cum blasting party! She loves pussy and cock lol


File: 1565642119780.jpg (70.91 KB, 480x854, IMG_20180419_061237_012-1.jpg)

Oh ya I'd blast cum all over her, got any more? Wanna see her pussy and asshole


File: 1565657201431.jpg (1.9 MB, 4032x1960, 20190629_000547.jpg)

I'll throw mine too

File: 1557005155837.jpg (1.08 MB, 3264x2448, 297.JPG)



File: 1557005091818.jpg (410.76 KB, 1224x1632, 375.JPG)


Sexy ass?

File: 1543686188285.png (492.71 KB, 551x734, 10~2.PNG)


Would you fuck my wife?
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File: 1544226346776-0.png (204.46 KB, 430x574, 17~2.PNG)

File: 1544226346776-1.png (835.13 KB, 652x868, 18.PNG)

File: 1544226346776-2.jpg (184.37 KB, 1073x1452, 1532113683591~2.jpg)

What would you do to her?


I'd make her gag on my dick, then I'd fuck her in the ass really hard and fast. when I finish I'd make her clean up every drop.


Hell ya I would fuck her where do I sign up lol


I would fuck her so hard her cunt will be throbbing


More please more

File: 1549776071020.jpg (180.38 KB, 759x1280, IMG_6282~01~01.jpg)


Hey guys, I need somebody who is interested in making a slutty Facebook page for my gf. Her name is Lara Schäfer, 26Yo

Moar of her uploaded here

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